Balance Tai Chi

ā€¢ Align Your Posture

ā€¢ Increase Joint Mobility

ā€¢ Strengthen Your Core Muscles

You will learn:
– Correct spine posture
– To turn and move your body using your hip joints (Kua)
– Exercises to strengthen your core and improve ankle flexibility
– Be more aware of your body movement

You will develop a proper body posture that helps to maintain balance and relieve unnecessary joint pressure. Mobility of joints is an important factor for our overall health and well being. Stiff and weak hips cause more motion to be transferredĀ to the spineĀ whenever we move or exercise. For muscles to support and control our body the joints have to be able to move freely to allow the muscles to do their job. The better our joints move the easier it is for us to be in control of the movement and maintain stability of the posture.

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Olesya Amacker is the head teacher of White Crow Tai Chi Chuan school; she has over twenty years of experience practicing Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Olesya Amacker taught classes in California (US) and Prague (Czech Republic).
Starting the Spring of 2022, she opened classes in Sonoma County California.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am excited about starting this new class!