Moving Meditation

• Manage Your Stress
• Learn an exercise you can practice anywhere
• Strengthen core muscles of your body

Tai Chi practice will enhance your ability to concentrate and stay calm in the middle of your busy life.
While meditating you focus your attention on what you are doing right here and right now, eliminating thoughts that overfill your mind and cause stress. Tai Chi does just that.
The slow and intricate movements of Tai Chi draw your mind into your body and allow you to fully focus on what you are doing at that very moment. That process helps you to let go of unnecessary tension and if your body is relaxed the mind will follow.

Tai Chi exercises engage both big and small muscle groups. Slow and gentle stretching followed by contraction of the muscles relieves unnecessary tension and improves muscle tone.
The morphing shapes of the Solo form let your breathing become deep and effortless.

In the event of any doubts concerning possible stress or strain to the student a physician should be consulted for assurance that no instructions contained herein are counter-indicated by the practitioner’s physical condition. The instructor accepts no responsibility for any injury incurred in their pursuit.