Tai Chi Partner Practice

Partner work in Tai Chi Chuan, is an important part of training and allows you to explore the art form beyond solo movements. Although Tai Chi is often practiced individually for health and meditation purposes, partner work adds another dimension by allowing practitioners to explore the martial applications and principles of Tai Chi.

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Experience the Benefits:

• Develop a deeper understanding of martial principle of Tai Chi Chuan.

• Strengthen your mind-body connection and enhance overall well-being.

• Explore the martial side of this ancient art in a safe way.

In our partner work sessions, you will discover the true essence of Tai Chi Chuan through the dynamic interplay of two individuals. Partner work helps you to enhance your skills and find new fun in your practice.

Our Tai Chi Chuan partner practice classes welcome practitioners of all levels, from beginners seeking a solid foundation to experienced players looking to refine their techniques.

We will explore:

Elementary tuishou. It provides a non-violent and cooperative environment for students to learn how to respond to their partner’s influence without resisting or distorting their movements.

Penglujian takes the exercise to a new level allowing to work on more complicated techniques such as Push, Press, Ward Off, and Roll Back.

Three step tuishou gives the student a first taste of proper foot work teaching how to connect your responses to the opponent’s moves.

📍 Location: Sebastopol, CA.

⏰ Time: 6:00 PM, Tuesday

Please, use the form above to sign up.

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