Classes Bob Amacker

Robert Amacker is presently conducting two classes through Zoom, a technology that we are all becoming more acquainted with than we would probably wish for. One is an ongoing class in advanced techniques and concepts, obviously limited in scope due to current social distancing regulations, open to my more experienced students and any others who might qualify. The other is for complete beginners, and is a detailed course on the solo form, with emphasis on the fundamentals, but also featuring an analysis and demonstration of all practical applications of the various movements.

These are hour long sessions with two-way communication and criticism on an individual basis. The price is twenty dollars per class. The advanced class meets every Saturday at 10:00 AM, and the beginner class meets on Wednesdays at 9:30 AM.

If you are interested in joining the class please contact us through the contact form.

Basic Form Class August–December  2020

Basic Form Class June–July 2020

Basic Form Classes April–May 2020

Basic Form Class First 5 Lessons

Saturday Classes September–October-November–December 2020

Saturday Classes August 2020

Saturday Classes June–July 2020

Saturday Classes April–May 2020