Video Blog

We just posted the first of a series of informal videos in which I will discuss aspects of Taijiquan that do not require demonstration or advanced understanding on the part of viewers to understand and appreciate. These may be of either a technical or philosophical nature, the kind of topics that might come up and be discussed over a leisurely dinner, things like “why do we do the form so slowly?,” “what is the relationship of Taijiquan to qi gung?” or, in a more technical vein, “what is ‘broken’ jing?” In my writing I tend to be deliberately formal, in an effort to produce something that will stand the test of time. I understand that my teaching is in contradiction to much current practice, but I would hope that future practitioners will recognize my efforts, not as an attempted repurposing of the art, but as an effort to return it to its original roots and method. These videos give me a chance to be more casual, and not as intent upon packing each moment of my audience’s time with as much information as possible.